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What comic book heroes should and shouldn’t protect the hood? Here are some who do and don’t make the cut.

When you read a comic book, you may realize that some people should not be protecting the inner city. A lot of them should stick to the downtown areas. Yes, there are situations where it would be nice to have someone like T’Challa, Peter Parker, or Barry Allen around to help. The problem with certain heroes is they don’t get it. Not every crime deserves to be solved with a broken limb.

Think about the unfortunate people who get into situations because they don’t have a choice. Some people are reading this and don’t get that sentence. There are good people selling dime bags to feed their families. People who are now in jail for something that’s legal in parts of America. Now, people who commit violent crimes like rape and murder? They deserve the beatings they get. Here are 10 comic book characters that should and should not protect the hood.

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Sometimes Daredevil gets it. He saves people from getting hit by cars, gets people in need to the hospital, and is genuinely someone you want protecting you and yours. Other times he’s sending people to the hospital because he can’t control his emotions. Way too hit or miss. That’s not the kind of person I want around me or my loved ones. 

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Absolutely not. Batman doesn’t care if it’s someone stealing a candy bar or selling hard drugs. Batman is going to come down hard on you. There is no talking to him. He hits first and then asks questions later. He’d send everyone to the emergency room and accomplish nothing. If anything, things would get worse. 

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Miles may be the perfect hero for the people. Besides having all of the physical skills and powers, Miles has a good heart. He sees that there are grey areas in situations. Sometimes things warrant a punch in the face. Other’s require a hug. If this writer had to pick a hero to depend on, it would be Miles Morales. 


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Red Hood

Jason Todd may be second on the list. Red Hood doesn’t tolerate drugs being sold to kids or violent crimes and he’ll enforce them as the situation presents itself. We’ve seen Jason kill criminals, but they’re the ones who deserve it. The worst kind of people like rapists and murders. He’s eased up on killing over the last five years and that’s made him a better hero.

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Nah. This writer loves Wolverine, but is he really the kind of person you want around? Not because he’s going to kill everyone. Logan is actually lenient on certain criminals. The problem here is the people who’ll come after him. We don’t need Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, or Omega Red killing people to get at Logan.



Superman is too wholesome. Try as he might, he wouldn’t understand some things. It’s really that simple. Superman would be more than willing to learn, but no one is going to trust him.


Luke Cage

Luke Cage has been Harlem’s protector for decades. His rules are a lot stricter than anyone. Some may say he’s unrealistic because people are going to sell drugs in the neighborhood regardless of who’s there. Cage has shown that he doesn’t care. He will continue to keep his neighborhood free of anything that will do people harm. One of the reasons why his finale to his Netflix series was so disappointing. He’d never go for that.




For the love of Odin, no! Deadpool would end up killing innocent people by accident. If he doesn’t kill them, they’ll end up in the hospital after he blows something up playing around. If neither of those happens, he’d end up destroying the buildings with his random shenanigans. 

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a gift and a curse. On one hand, a rapist gets their bones broken. Sending a message that things like this won’t be tolerated. On the other hand, he’s inconsistent. Moon Knight could be around for a little while then disappear for months. You’d never know if he’d actually be there for you. Plus, you know, he’s all kinds of crazy. 

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman would have things running like a well-oiled machine. People would be too scared to try anything in her neck of the woods. Thinking of it now, is there any real downfall to this? Like Luke Cage, Diana would be there for people. Not just kicking criminals, but offering help with homework, sports, or whatever else they needed. Since she stands for equality, there would be more understanding of people’s life choices and lifestyles. If you were intolerant, she’d physically remove you from the neighborhood. 

What do you think? Who should and shouldn’t be a hero in the hood? Let us know in the comments below. 

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