The New Day

Since becoming a team in 2014, the trio has been inseparable. Even through the bad times. The New Day gimmick didn’t always work. It took a lot of work and fighting through the jeers. Eventually, they embraced the boos and became heels. Soon after, the fans loved them. Not just as a team, but as individuals as well. All of them focus on different things. Big E does voice-over work and Xavier Woods has his Youtube channel (UpUpDownDown) and is a host on G4. Kofi stays focused on wrestling but is always available for their podcast (The New Day: Feel the Power).

The best thing about them isn’t the wrestling. It’s them as people. Jealousy and envy will never be part of the New Day’s vocabulary. At least not with each other. Each of them supports one another’s endeavors. Actually, they do more than that. Each of them is in each other’s corner and encourages one another to do better.

“I can’t imagine being in a group with two more selfless people and that’s what I’ve always appreciated. It can be easy in this business to be selfish and to just worry about your own push, but I love the fact that we’re always so genuinely supportive of each other and our projects, whether they be in WWE, or outside of the company, whatever it is, and they were there for me and I appreciate that.”- Big E

When Kofi Kingston won the WWE title at WrestleMania 35, Xavier Woods and Big E were right there with him. Woods was ugly crying in the ring. He was proud of what his friend accomplished. Just recently, Big E won the Money in Bank briefcase. Like always, his friends were right there with him with smiles on their faces. Why is this something that needs to be pointed out? They continue to show what a Black love looks like. 

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The New Day’s Black love

One of the negative stereotypes that come with being Black is the crab mentality. The phrase comes from watching literal crabs in a barrel. When one of them gets out, another crab pulls them back down. Since they can’t get out, why should another crab? This is what people say and think about Black people. That we don’t support each other. All we do is pull each other down. Not only is that not true, but it’s also put more of a stigma on Black people. As if we need more.

“It’s not a manufactured or weird thing. I feel like we’re legitimately brothers. So when people ask me if I brothers, I say ‘Yeah. I have two’.”-Xavier Woods

The New Day proves that there really is no such thing. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. When isn’t there? The problem is the besmirchment on Black People. People have heard that phrase and ran with it. Not only does this give other races a negative view of us. We also absorb that negative energy. It’s great that we have the Black men like the New Day. They talk about the power of positivity, but it’s more than a catchphrase. They actually live it.

It’s good to have Black men like this showing love for each other. It’s even better that they’re secure in their manhood as well. There’s no need for outdated phrases that are unbecoming of an adult or as people in general. They wear pink, embrace who they are, and love everyone for it. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods are shining examples of Black Love. 

New Day Rocks.

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