The Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan are among the greatest and most influential parts of music. They’re pure Hip-Hop, but they’ve transcended past that. They evolved into a force of nature. An international sensation. Since their debut, they’ve continued to make their own lane with fashion, style, and, more importantly, music. While everyone was trying to adapt to the new flashy style, the members of the Wu-Tang Clan stayed original and themselves. All of this and more could be said about the X-Men.

When you fight the X-Men are attacked, you better believe you’re going up against all of them. The Wu-Tang Clan are like that. If you’re up against Ghostface Killah, Raekwon isn’t far behind. When the Grammy should have gone to the Wu, Ol Dirty Bastard was the one to step up and, as Sticky Fingaz said, shut it down. The Wu-Tang Clan isn’t just a group, they’re a family. Just like the X-Men. It got this writer thinking about which X-Men relates closest to each X-Man.


The RZA is… Professor Charles Xavier

RZA is looked at as the leader and creator of the Wu-Tang Clan (even though it was co-created). Professor Charles Xavier is the one who started the X-Men and helped usher them into the new future we see today (Krakoa). They’re both men who use their intelligence and mental abilities to win battles and destroy those who test them.


GZA is… Forge

People sleep on GZA and it’s a shame. Beyond the fact that he puts out good music, he has a class album under his belt (“Liquid Swords”). Twenty-five plus years later and it still holds up. The similarity to Forge is simple. You can put GZA anywhere and he’ll work. He doesn’t need to drop 16 bars. Sometimes (as you see in Triumph) little is more. Also like Forge, he builds anything you need. Just like GZA creates a verse out of anything.


Ol’ Dirty Bastard is… Sabretooth

People think that Wolverine would be the choice here. They’d be wrong. Ol Dirty is Sabretooth. People look at Ol’ Dirty’s antics and think he’s a fool. He’s far from it. He was always smart enough to capitalize on his personality. Like Victor Creed, he appears to be feral and wild. Sometimes, that appearance is accurate. Nonetheless, behind the claws and teeth is the mind of an underrated planner and opportunist. Like Creed, Ol’ Dirty is willing to do things that others may not want to or can’t.

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Method Man is…Wolverine

This seemed like a no-brainer. Wolverine is the most popular member of the X-Men, one of their best fighters, and ladies love him. Method Man is their most popular member, one of their best rappers, and the ladies love him. Both men are up there in age and look better than men at half that. Plus, don’t get them mad. The fury they can come at you with isn’t something you’ll recover from. Be lucky Method Man doesn’t have claws and a healing factor.


Raekwon is… Beast

Raekwon comes up with some of the best lyrics. The problem is his flow is so dope that you can get hypnotized by his flow. Beast has a similar way about him. He can say a million smart things and you’ll get lost with the vernacular. Once you catch up to what he says, you’ll smile at how great it was. Let’s not forget that, like Beast, Raekwon can rap with the best of them. Just as the Beast can fight with anyone.


Ghostface Killah is… Angel

Warren Worthington the 3rd is a playboy. Ghostface has proven to have the same kind of image. Both men have impeccable fashion taste. Heck, Ghostface even has a giant eagle bracelet. The biggest trait they share is what happens when you make them mad. Ghostface and Angel can both transform into the Angel of death. They can both be lady’s men, but don’t take their love for weakness. 


Inspectah Deck is… Jean Grey

During the Method Man vs Redman battle, Meth said that Inspectah Deck is a top-five rapper dead or alive. Why is this similar to Jean Grey? Jean Grey is one of the five most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. She’s one of the few people who can host one of the powers of the Phoenix Force. Both are also slept on when the talk of abilities comes up. Don’t believe me? Lookup a random Inspecta Deck song and see why Meth believes he’s one of the greats.

Also to note, his opening to Triumph is looked at as one of the greatest verses of all time.

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U-God is… Gambit

U-God is smooth as all get out. A perfect example is his song Black Shampoo on the “Wu-Tang Forever” album. Even with the smoothness, there are songs like Bizarre off his “Golden Arms Redemption” album where he has a roughness to his voice. Gambit is one of the smoothest characters in the X-Men. However, with that smoothness comes an underrated roughness. He can be a smooth and romantic talker and switch to @$$ kicking mode quickly.


Masta Killa is… Colossus

One of this writer’s favorite Wu-Tang Clan songs is One Blood Under W on “The W” album. Masta Killa goes in and destroys the track. It’s an underrated song that every Hip Hop fan should have in their library. He’s also a reliable member of the Wu. He pairs right with Colossus. 

Colossus is the X-Man that may not get the respect he deserves despite always being there when he’s needed. Think about all the tracks Masta Killa is on. He always comes through with an incredible verse. Winter Warz is another perfect example of this.


Cappadonna is… Juggernaut

You have to mention Cappadonna. We’re not going to act like Cappadonna didn’t have the best verse on Winter Warz and end the track perfectly. We’re also not gonna sit here and not mention that he killed on Ice Cream, Triumph, and Slang Editorial.  

Like Juggernaut isn’t brought up as an X-Man, people don’t include Cappadonna in the Wu-Tang Clan. This writer has no idea why. Juggernaut may be looked at as more of an X-Men villain than a teammate, but he was a member on more than a few occasions. He was also there for some of their more crucial times. Most recently during Matthew Rosenberg’s Uncanny X-Men run.

What do you think? Do you agree with these comparisons? Are there some characters you’d switch around? Let us know in the comments below. 

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