Superman Jon Kent came out as bisexual on National Coming Out Day! A move that helps bring representation, but will certainly make people talk and get others mad. 


October 11th was National Coming Out Day. It’s a day where people show support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people for “coming out of the closet.” Coming out can’t be an easy thing to do. Especially when you have loved ones that won’t accept you for who you are. However, as scary as it is, it must be liberating as well. Especially when you have people who accept and love you for who you are. This year, a major comic book character came out. DC Comics’ Superman came out as bisexual.

“I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes, and I’m very grateful DC and Warner Bros. share this idea,”-Tom Tayler

DC Comics put out a statement saying, “Jon Kent Finds His Identity in Superman: Son of Kal-El #5.” The issue is set to be released on November 9, but it’s confirmed to happen. For those of you who don’t know, Jon Kent is Clark Kent’s (the original Superman’s) son. He took over as Superman after the DC Comics event Future State.

DC's Superman Comes Out as Bisexual | CBR

Jon coming out as bisexual is a big deal because of the name. It’s like Spider-Man being a person of color and Wolverine (Laura Kinney) being a woman. It adds more representation to people who need it. Unfortunately, there are going to be people who won’t like this.

Superman coming out is a good thing

Somewhere, Boosie Badazz and people like him are upset and have no idea why. The comic book internet community can be a toxic place. People are still complaining that Laura Kinney is Wolverine and Iceman is gay. Personally, this writer loves it. Jon Kent was raised by parents who are more accepting than most people. Having that would certainly lead him to be able to express his feelings easier.

In the end, as long as this isn’t a forced idea, this will work. Sometimes, it’s better to have no representation than a bad one. Thankfully, Tom Taylor is writing Superman: Son of Kal-El and he’s a writer that you can trust. He’s responsible for the Injustice comic, Nightwing (the current run), and All-New Wolverine. Three titles that are full of phenomenal depictions of different races, creeds, and sexual orientation. This is going to be a big move for DC Comics that will certainly bear fruit.

What do you think? Do you have thoughts about Superman coming out? Let us know in the comments below.

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