Keith Lee Says 'RIP To That Singlet,' Teases Return To Familiar Look

WWE’s release of Keith Lee is something that Vince McMahon and the company will regret.

After WrestleMania, employees of the WWE await the news on whether or not they’ll be released. At first, the first group of people let go consisted of Rusev, Zack Ryder, Zelina Vega (who was later brought back), Aleister Black, and so many more. Usually, there’s only one or two sets of releases. But, it wouldn’t be the WWE if they didn’t shake things up.

Earlier this month, the WWE released a plethora of talented wrestlers. Ember Moon, Karrion Kross, and Scarlett Bordeaux were all talented performers that seemed to be over with the crowd. Kross was just an NXT Champion. With Scarlett Bordeaux in his corner, they were a dangerous (and frankly attractive) duo. And Ember Moon was a top rate performer. That’s only some of them. There’s one person let go that baffled everyone; the Limitless Keith Lee.

Why was WWE releasing Keith Lee was weird

It wasn’t too long ago that Keith Lee was launching people into the crowd and holding two titles on NXT. In NXT, was the man. Beloved by the fans for his ring work that led to incredible matches. He was also among the people no one had a bad thing to say about. After being away from the ring for most of 2021, fans were ecstatic to see him return.

After a couple of months, Lee brought a new “Bearcat” gimmick and attitude to Monday Night Raw. It was working. Lee’s strength and moves made him a believable, dominant heel. To take his phrase, his potential was limitless. Which made his release even more befuddling. Despite all of this, Keith Lee remained positive. After his release, Lee said, “Thank you for all the positivity that has been dropped on me the past few days as well as the birthday wishes. I love you. Worry not. We are not done. We work,”

The good thing is Keith Lee won’t be down long. Once the WWE’s no compete clause expires, wrestling companies will be tearing down the walls to sign him. He’s a game changing talent. If he goes to AEW, it won’t be long before he becomes their first Black World Champion. You heard it here first. But, who knows. Zelina returned within a year of being released. Keith Lee could return sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Where should Keith Lee go next? Let us know in the comments below. 

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