Deadly Class: A Fond Farewell begins the end of Rick Remender’s run perfectly. 

After seven years, Rick Remender’s run of the popular comic book Deadly Class is coming to an end. It’s been seven years of murder, drug use, sex, and so more violence than a Punisher MAX series. It wasn’t just random goons and villains who died. Main characters were killed. It was even more shocking when they were killed by someone they loved.

Now, Deadly Class in its last series aptly titled A Fond Farewell. Star of the series Marcus Lopez Arguello is helping Saya detox off from heroin. After days of puking, sweats, and watching over her, Saya is finally ready to go out into the world. 

While at a diner, Marcus and Saya talk about the afterlife, their deceased friends being in a better place, and love. Saya says she loved him. This leaves Marcus to focus on the past tense. Eventually, Saya says, “Once we love someone, they become part of us. We carry them with us forever.” This leads to Marcus and Saya going back to his place to have sex at gunpoint. 

This should have been a sexy (yet dangerous) moment for Saya and Marcus. She was the first woman he loved. Saya was clean and sober. King’s Dominion was destroyed and they could now be happy. Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t last in Deadly Class. Saya doesn’t know that her brother Kenji is watching. Not because he’s a creep (though it is creepy), but to watch her happiness peak so he can have her killed.

Kenji’s Plan

Kenji’s vendetta has reached a new height. At first, he hated her. That hate leads him to want her dead. Now, he’s on another level. Kenji doesn’t just want her to be killed. He said, “My sister’s death must be legendarily cruel.” He then goes on to say, “She must be blindsided at a moment of hopefulness. Clean and sober with eyes wide open. Then we tear her down fresh.” It certainly will because it looks like Marcus is in on this as well.

One of Kenji’s men asks why they could trust him, Kenji says, “As the world increases its beatings on us, we all go a little bit cold in the heart.” This described Marcus perfectly. Saya has hurt him physically and emotionally in the past and Marcus holds a grudge. Plus, when Saya asked who Marcus was working for, he didn’t say who. But, that’s the obvious ending and this series has never been predictable. 

Marcus could be taking money from Kenji, but working to help Saya. As petty as Marcus can be, it’s doubtful that he’d want to hurt Saya that bad. He may have started this journey wanting to, but that could have turned around during her detox.

What Deadly Class Takes Straight from the Comics - Comic Con 2018 - YouTube

Deadly Class rating: 10 out of 10

This is the beginning of the end. Therefore, you have to go big. Questioning Marcus’ loyalty to his first love is a good way to start. Especially since he could be working with Saya’s monster of a brother. There’s also a good callback to Marcus’ vendetta against Ronald Reagan. It was the perfect start to the final arc of Deadly Class.

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