Credit: Baron Black & Jonathan Gresham

All Roads Lead Here as Jonathan Gresham and Baron Black introduce a new age of grappling to the world of professional wrestling. If you aren’t lucky enough to have tickets to the show, you can catch it streaming live on Fite TV here at 6 PM EST.

TERMINUS’ official directives are as follows:


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Pre Show:

Suge D and Faye Jackson run down the show’s card.

Tonight’s Card:

Mike Bennett vs. IMPACT World Champion Moose
Diamante vs. Janai Kai
Josh Woods vs. Lee Moriarty
Dante Caballero & Joe Keys vs. Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi
JDX vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Invictus Khash vs. Adam Priest
IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Kiera Hogan
ROH World Championship: Bandido (c) vs. Baron Black
Original ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Alexander

Main Card:

Josh Woods vs. Lee Moriarty

Moriarty and Woods trade pin attempts. Neither can hold the other down. After getting tied up in the ropes, Woods gives Moriarty a clean break and a handshake. Moriarty and Woods trade submission attempts. Moriarty traps Woods in an armbar. Woods reverses but Moriarty quickly counters that. Moriarty and Woods trade armbar reversals. Back and forth they go until Woods takes Moriarty down. Moriarty tries an up and over but Woods blasts him with an elbow strike. Woods grabs a knuckle lock. Woods wrenches down to apply pressure.

The referee checks on Moriarty as Woods traps his other arm. Woods rolls into a pin but Moriarty kicks out. Moriarty is favoring his arm. Moriarty surprises Woods with a knee strike to Woods’ arm. Arm breaker by Moriarty. Moriarty rolls up Woods. Woods kicks out. Moriarty immediately rolls into a crossface. Woods gets back to a standing position. Both men boot each other in the face at the same time. Woods hangs Moriarty in the ropes. Backbreaker into a German suplex by Woods. Moriarty kicks out. Moriarty rolls Woods into a European Clutch for the win!

Winner- Lee Moriarty

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