Diamante vs. Janai Kai

Diamante tries a single leg but Kai stuffs it. Diamante and Kai trade takedowns and submission holds. Kai ground and pounds Diamante. Diamante grabs a face lock to stop the strike flurry. Diamante and Kai trade shots. Snapmare into a spinal tap by Kai. Diamante kicks out. Rolling single leg by Diamante. Diamante traps Kai in a pin for a near fall. Diamante holds a hammerlock. Kai turns it into a front face lock. Kai holds Diamante down on her stomach. Diamante rolls into an armbar. Kai rolls out of the hold and gets to her feet. Kai lands a few kicks. Leg trip into a pin by Kai. Diamante kicks out.

Kai lights Diamante up with a few elbow strikes. Diamante ties Kai up after landing a few crossfaces. Kai escapes and lands a stiff kick to Diamante’s hamstring. Modified facebuster by Kai. Diamante kicks out again. Kai lands another flurry of kicks. Diamante counters and locks Kai in a nasty single-leg crag. Kai manages to get to the bottom rope. Kai levels Diamante with an up kick. Diamante traps Kai in a modified seated straight jacket choke. Kai taps out.

Winner- Diamante

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Kiera Hogan

Grace forces Hogan into the corner. Clean break by Grace. Grace avoids a head kick by Hogan. Hogan tries to take down Grace to no avail. Grace counters and slams Hogan to the mat. Hogan rolls Grace into a pin for a near fall. Facebuster by Hogan. Grace ends up in the corner. Hogan lands a running boot. After a series of reversals, Grace floors Hogan with a shoulder block. Delayed vertical suplex by Grace. Hogan kicks out. Hogan counters a powerbomb with a ranna. Missile dropkick by Hogan. Basement superkick by Hogan. Grace kicks out.

Grace lands a powerbomb and immediately lifts Hogan off the mat and hits a Muscle Buster. Hogan kicks out. Grace goes up top. Hogan kicks Grace in the knee. Hangman’s neck breaker by Hogan. Grace kicks out. Hogan lands a clothesline but Grace doesn’t budge. Hogan runs into a lariat by Grace. Grace sends Hogan into the corner before hitting a deadlift German suplex for a near fall. Hogan fires up and hits a series of kicks. Hogan finally floors Grace with a clothesline. Grace kicks out. Hogan tries a wheelbarrow but Grace reverses it into the Grace Driver for the win.

Winner and STILL YOUR IMPACT Digital Media Champion, Jordynne Grace!

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By Lovell Porter

Lovell is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of BlaqueRabbit.com.

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