Pure Rules Match for The Original ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Josh Alexander

Gresham and Alexander adhere to the Code of Honor. Alexander takes Gresham down with a wrist lock. Gresham tries to escape but Alexander will not release the hold.  Gresham breaks the hold with a head scissors. Knuckle lock by Gresham. Gresham tries to take Alexander to the mat but Alexander won’t go down. Alexander takes Gresham down into a pin. Gresham rolls through and reverses the pressure of Alexander’s knuckle lock. Alexander traps Gresham in a backslide for a near fall. Gresham and Alexnader circle each other and trade another series of submission holds. Gresham lures Alexander into an arm drag. Dropkick by Gresham.

Alexander boots Gresham in the face before locking in a toe hold. Alexander snaps on an ankle lock. Gresham gets to the ropes to break the hold. Gresham has used his first of three rope breaks. Alexander continues working on Gresham’s leg, as he traps him in a single leg crab. Gresham is forced to use his second rope break. Gresham and Alexander trade strikes. Low dropkick by Gresham. Gresham traps Alexander in a figure four. Alexander gets to the ropes. Alexander has two rope breaks left. Gresham tries to lock in another figure four but Alexander decks Gresham. If Alexander uses another closed fist, he will be disqualified.

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Gresham counters Alexnaderrr’s butterfly into a dragon screw. Alexander is clutching at his knee. Springboard body block by Gresham for a near fall. Gresham tries another but Alexander reverses it into a tombstone piledriver. Gresham kicks out. Alexander and Gresham trade strikes. After a big right by Alexnader, Gresham pops back up to his feet. Ankle lock by Alexander. Gresham escapes but Alexander hits a Jay Driller. Gresham puts his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. That was Gresham’s last rope break. Alexander locks in another ankle lock.

Gresham kicks his way out of it and stomps on Alexander’s knee. Gresham puts on another figure four. Alexander twist Gresham’s leg to break the hold. Alexander locks in another ankle lock. Gresham uses the top rope to clothesline Alexander to break the hold. Alexander superplexes Gresham but Gresham hooks Alexander’s leg. Both Gresham and Alexander’s shoulders are down as the referee counts to three. The referee calls the match a draw.

No Contest

After the match, Bandido walks to the ring with his ROH World Championship. Gresham and Bandido face off. As Bandido and Gresham are about to shake hands, Santana inturupts. Santana grabs a mic and says his New Year is going to be all about challenges. Santana wants a shot at Gresham at the second TERMINUS show on February 24th. Gresham immediately shakes Santana’s hand. Gresham declares that independent wrestling is back. Bandido is watching from the corner. Gresham tells Bandido that their time will come. Gresham thanks the crowd.



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