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Here’s what the Fantastic Four brings to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After three movies that aren’t regarded highly, the Fantastic Four came home with Marvel Studios. Comic book fans have wanted Marvel’s First Family in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years. Especially after three movies that aren’t regarded highly. Now, after years of waiting, it looks like the Fantastic Four are finally on their way.

Sources like Screen Rant have reported that the Fantastic Four reboot is, “Coming Sooner Than Later.” In the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t mean much. Since there was no real timetable, sooner could be anywhere from this year to 2025.

Fans of the FF should be happy. There has been little to nothing coming from Marvel Studios. Over the past couple of years, all we’ve gotten o is a Fantastic Four logo and more headlines saying, “Coming soon.” The uninformed may not care about the FF. They aren’t as “exciting” as the Avengers or the X-Men. Nevertheless, they should be pumped. Here are seven reasons to get excited about their arrival.

7. The Fantastic Four are different

The FF are unlike other superhero teams. The first thing that you’ll notice is that they have a smaller roster. Most teams have at least six members. This works in their favor. Fewer members make equal screen time easier. With everything being equal, this usually makes for a happy cast. 

Despite the FF having fewer teammates, they’re almost never at a disadvantage. Everyone pulls their weight on the team. And, unlike some superhero teams, each of their members has personally helped save the day. It’s something that they always remind each other of when things look bad. 

In terms of their personalities, they balance each other out as well. Johnny is the charismatic hot head (pun intended). Ben Grimm brings a gentle and humorous touch despite his outer appearance. Reed is a genius. He’s also totally oblivious of things directly in front of him. This will work out well on screen. Last, but certainly not least, Sue Storm. She’s their strongest and fiercest teammate. Wolverine once said that she’s the only member of the team that scares him (see Wolverine: Enemy of the State for more on that). All of this makes them a perfectly balanced team. Not just for adventures. But for viewing as well.

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6. The Fantastic Four is a Family

Another trait that they have over other teams is their family dynamic. Some teams say they’re a family. The FF actually is one. They’ve rarely had roster changes. Even when they did, it wasn’t for long stints. Mostly because the team works best when it’s the original members. 

The FF being a family works for the audience as well. They’re one of the few comic book teams that can be viewed by all ages. Scarcely do you see any of them making sexual or crude jokes. Even their jokes regarding sex would leave children under 13 wondering what was said. They’re a perfect fit for the MCU.

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5. Space and cosmic fun

The Fantastic Four spend a good part of their time away from Earth. Their adventures take them to other realities, planets, and dimensions. On a few occasions, they’ve even met alternate versions of themselves. Almost every issue leads to them meeting unique beings. Some of them become lifelong friends while others become bitter enemies. 

One of the many reasons Guardians of the Galaxy was a success was the number of different aliens we met. It helped make the movie visually stunning. Some of them looked like regular humans. Others were talking trees and raccoons. The FF is going to have colorful and memorable beings as well. Maybe more interesting than Guardians of the Galaxy.

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4. They work as a show or a movie

One thing fans and creators have noticed over the years is that some characters and teams only work on certain mediums. This writer is on record saying that Wolverine solo movies don’t make sense. His adventures are too grand to be confined to a two-hour movie. The Fantastic Four don’t have that problem. They’ll work wherever you put them.

The FF seems like they were designed for Disney Plus. Everything about them is wholesome. And their adventures could span over a six to eight-episode season. However, they could go the movie route. One villain, one mission, two hours. Either one of these works perfectly. 

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3. The Fantastic Four’s unique villains

The Fantastic Four’s rogues gallery is among the most random. They fight everyone from gods to magicians to aliens. There’s even a world-eating being on that list. The best part is all of them work in the MCU without much being changed. Even the goofier ones like Mole Man can be stars in the MCU. One antagonist, in particular, is Victor von Doom.

Doctor Doom is on everyone’s list of top-tier villains. He has all of Reed’s genius with the mystical know-how of Doctor Strange. He’s a ruthless despot who only loses when his hubris gets in the way. When the FF debut him in their project, he’ll eventually move on to being a villain to everyone. However, never forget he was a FF villain first.

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2. Connected to every team

Every hero in the Marvel universe loves the Fantastic Four. It’s one of the reasons why people always come to their aid. It’s also why they’ve had members of the FF from almost every team. Black Panther, Storm, Wolverine, Luke Cage, the Hulk, and more have been on the FF. These connections are important in the MCU as well. This way it won’t seem forced wherever they finally appear.

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1. No need for an origin story

The FF has an advantage that some comic book characters don’t. Most people know their origin story. This means a long origin story may not be needed. It could hurt the project more than it helps. Spider-Man in the MCU is a perfect example of this.

Everyone knows that Uncle Ben being shot leads to the “With great power must also come…” speech. Adding that to the Spider-Man movies would have been a waste of time. That also means we wouldn’t have gotten the tragic and great moment from Aunt May in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

We may not be able to skip the initial flight that gave them their powers, but that can be recreated in fifteen minutes. After that, fans can enjoy a new movie. Take it from a fan of both the comics and their media counterparts. Spending too much time on a known origin is a bad thing. And, for the love of Odin, we don’t need to see Bruce Wayne’s parents die in The Batman

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What do you think? Are there other reasons that the Fantastic Four work well in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below. 

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