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Into The Spider-Verse: Five Spider-Man Spinoffs Sony Should(n’t) Make

  The trailer for the… *chuckle* highly anticipated Morbius movie dropped today… what? You have no idea who Morbius is? Don’t feel bad. I’ve been a comic fan for my […]

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M2MP Episode #8 – And | 1 | Mic (feat. Bakari JB)

Axe hits a jump shot into the episode with world-touring Emcee, Entrepreneur and Community Activist Bakari JB (@BakariJBMusic) to discuss his annual “Hoop-Hop” Tournament, “Vibes & Offerings”, the “Beantown Bullies”, basketball, #bars, the State of Boston Hip-Hop and building camaraderie with his fellow music community beyond music. Other topics: manufactured beef amongst Female Rappers, “Real” Hip-Hop elitism and generational differences in the Rap (and Basketball) Game.

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Disney Plus or Disney Minus? Six Things That Need to Be Added to Disney Plus, Marvel Edition!

How could Disney finally debut the highly anticipated and potentially Netflix killing Disney Plus streaming service and not provide the content that fans everywhere have been clamoring for? It’s like parking your car, walking up to a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell full of glee just to find out the damn thing is now a Comcast customer service center… but we don’t talk about that. That day is now referred to as White Tuesday. Screw this, I’m boycotting until Disney gives us the content we need. My list of demands are simple:

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M2MP Episode #5 – My Nigerian Crush Drives Maybachs

In what should be called “The Wendy Williams Episode”, Axe takes the shotty from Sid and #OhMyGodWow exposes her Nigerian Crush insert emoji eyes here. They decide to stay on the topic of the Motherland and discuss Nigeria’s own Wale, his career and new “Folarin” single. Wale admiration naturally segue into the artists of and retention issues with MMG. The duo then ranks the 5 “Maybach Music”s in anticipation of Rick Ross’ “Port of Miami 2” album release. Sid thinks ‘ascending order’ on tracks with multiple rappers is pertinent, while Axe favors ‘descending order’. They wrap up the episode by revealing their dream features for “Maybach Music 6”.

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The Culture Issue No. 8: Put Some Respek on Cyclops’ Name

Old Man Wade is joined by Supa Woke Javi of the err… Old Man Wade Show! They discuss:

The X-Men:

The Uncanny series has ended. Why it was great.
Powers of X and House of X by Jonathan Hickman is next.
The relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops

Otto Octavius:

Why the Superior Spider-Man is damn good


Thor 4:
What stories they could use

Punisher and the cops