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Joy Villa
Perspective 1

Joy Villa and the Technicolor Dreamcoat of Hate

We all have that one family member that you just can’t invite anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby shower or wedding, you can count on uncle or aunt […]

Perspective 0

Space Force Is Go… VP Mike Pence Is Our Captain Now

This past week Vice President Mike Pence held a press conference to announce that Space Force is go, people, Space Force is go! Ok, maybe that isn’t an exact quote but when President Donald Trump told us that we “needed” to expand our military and that the logical choice was protecting space many… well many laughed. Trump tends to say a lot of outlandish things so it’s hard to tell when we are supposed to take him seriously or not. Well, strap in because America is about to go to infinity and beyond! This announcement is too amazing not to dive into some of the finer points of Pence’s speech.