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Netflix New Releases July 2018

With a new month comes new goodies on Netflix! Below we have compiled a list of every new show/movie being released on Netflix in July. Some notable additions are classic […]

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Why Luke Cage Makes a Better Captain America Than Steve Rogers

In 1941, Captain America was introduced to the world. He was the Sentinel of Liberty. A character created to represent the best of America. During a time where racism and sexism were things that weren’t considered issues to the common person, Steve Rogers was a character who was above that. Steve Rogers, the son of two immigrant parents, was always a person who fought for equality. As Rogers evolved, so did the things he represented. Rogers understood that things aren’t so black and white. People deserve second chances and some laws are just wrong (see 2006-2007’s Marvel Comics Civil War) are just a couple of things that Rogers had to come to terms with. Despite how great Steve Rogers is, it’s time for him to pass the mantle of Captain America to someone else.