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Duke Loves Rasslin
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Duke Loves Rasslin interviews the incomparable April Hunter!

April Hunter has won many hats in her life: Playboy Playmate, Pro Wrestler, Cosplayer, Candle Maker and now College Graduate. In this exclusive interview April shares why it’s All Business, advice for Wrestlers doing Custom Photos and Videos plus a Special Message For Her Fans.

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WWE RAW: Diary Of A Mad Wrestling Fan 4/15/19- Superstar Shake-up, More

8:00 PM- I have to say… this Superstar shake-up thing is silly. Why not have a draft with picks and arguing and so forth. This seemingly random selection shit is silly. They go out of their way to over explain angles but put little to no effort into the presentation of the “shake-up”. This stuff was only interesting when Ric Flair and Vince McMahon were in charge of Raw and Smackdown. Them having to go out on the stage and make picks was great TV. We need more, damn it!!! Mooooore!